No More Google Analytics

This website has had Google Analytics tracking visitors for at a least a decade. I’m not sure of the exact date I added it, but I’d guess 2007-2008. As I published this, I removed the JavaScript for it and deleted the property in the GA dashboard.

For this site, the numbers serve no purpose. They’re a vanity metric I either never look at or anxiously check when I have a burst of traffic for whatever reason. That anxious checking. It’s one more set of numbers to obsess over. The Unread emails, Slack notifications, Tweets, favorites, texts, and on and on and on. Ditching one set of numbers that want everything and give nothing feels good.

Also, I don’t want this site to track people in any way. You have enough of that. I know my use of analytics isn’t responsible for you getting ads about a jacket you looked at once on every other website you visit forever. But, hey this is now one less site that’s collecting information about where you’ve been on the Web. We could all use that.